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Nisko Systems Ltd. is a Canadian owned company established
in 2009 as branch of Nisko Electric Inc, and is located
in the City of Brampton.
Fire Protection and Employees Safety is the key to any business's success. Whether you are located in Toronto, Mississauga, Oakville, Brampton, and the rest of Greater Toronto Area  you need a safe and secure establishment. At Nisko Systems Ltd., we are committed to keeping your's employees safe. We are a full-service fire protection, and electrical contracting company serving the entire GTA.    Nisko Systems Ltd. together with sister company Nisko Electric boasts
professional fire alarm technicians and electricians whose tenure in the
industry has honed their ability and adeptness at fire alarm system
installation, inspection and repair, kitchen hood repair, sprinkler system
repair and installation, fire extinguishers inspection and service, emergency
lighting, intercom and security wiring, backup generator installation and all
kinds of electrical troubleshooting.
If there is any interruption to any of the services we provide, we are dedicated 24/7 to getting the problem remedied and put your business back on track. 

Our commitment to Customers. 

We have decades of experience in the fire protection, security and electrical industry,and we bring that experience to every project. 

We can design your system with your specific needs in mind. 

We are committed to becoming a partner in your business's success.

Our vehicles are equipped with GPS technology that allows us to offer our clients accurate ETAs for emergency service calls.

All of our technicians are passed criminal record check and identified them selves with photo ID badge.  

Our success depends on your success

Throughout the years, the invaluable relationships we've fostered with our customers have helped us grow and expand. We have discovered that delivering quality work requires good client relations and personal excellence as well as a close and accountable relationship with all our employees. Our client's complete satisfaction and trust has been our greatest asset in getting referrals for new business.  

Despite the powerful technology the 21st century has to offer in the fire protection, security and automation fields, nothing can take the place of simple customer satisfaction.

Learn more about Nisko Systems Ltd. today!

If you are in or around Toronto and in need of sprinkler systems or fire extinguishers service, kitchen suppression systems, emergency lighting, an audit, or an upgrade, get in touch with us today. We are experienced with every aspect of the fire protection industry and are more than happy to discuss projects we've done in the past.

Emergency Services


Reliable and immediate response to any fire protection repair or maintenance problem at your home or business, day or night, 7 days a week. Whether a holiday, weekend or in the middle of the night, Nisko Systems Ltd. offers qualified and dependable technicians ready to assist you in an emergency.

Call (416) 892-7292 - press 5  for emergence technician on duty  - Fast response time in GTA

Dependable - Licensed - Insured Fire Alarm Technicians or Electricians 

For many years, Nisko Systems Ltd. has been dedicated to offering quick response time for any fire protection, electrical or security problem. Committed to providing Toronto, Mississauga and Oakville with professional services  at any time, our licensed and fully insured staff is always available when you need us most. When your home or business is threatened by any fire or electrical hazard, depending on the quick and qualified response that keeps you and your property safe. Protect yourself from the electrical hazards and call Nisko Systems Ltd. for repairs. We are always ready to provide assistance and dispatch immediate assistance within the GTA region.

Trust Nisko Systems Ltd. to quickly and efficiently diagnose and repair the problems.

We are standing by to solve any problem and provide you with the Nisko Systems Ltd. 100% satisfaction guarantee, as well as a written estimate and warranty.

24/7 Emergency Service with experts you can trust: (416) 892-7292 Ext. 5


Q ) Is Nisko Systems Ltd. insured? 

A ) Yes, we carry $5,000,000.00 liability insurance.


Q ) What is a Hosted PBX? 

A ) Hosted PBX, also referred to as virtual PBX, uses cloud based technology instead of physical equipment to connect your business. Compared to a traditional phone system, it is a more reliable and cost-effective way to communicate.


Q ) What happens whan my fire alarm or security system is triggered? 

A ) If your fire alarm, or home or business security system is triggered, signal will go to monitoring station, and their stuff  filters out alarms and contacts the appropriate authorities.

Commercial Electrician


Commercial electrical work for any business is a necessity that requires even more expertise than your average home repair or project. In addition, ensuring the integrity of all electrical systems for your business not only guarantees the safety of you and your employees but positively contributes to its energy efficiency and overall profitability.

Commercial Electrical Upgrades - Diagnosis and Repair in Toronto 

Rely on the licensed expertise of Nisko Systems Ltd. experts for skilled and reliable electrical work ranging from electrical upgrades and repairs and installations for any industry, from retail centers and restaurants to offices and industrial establishments.


Ensure Your Business is in Compliance with Electrical Regulations

Protect your business with a Nisko Systems Ltd. inspection that provides documented proof of your compliance with Ontario Electrical Code and safety standards. Receive a detailed and written estimate for any electrical project along with expert advice on the best rates for :

 *  Electrical panel upgrades

 *  Circuit Installation and upgrades

 *  Equipment safety circuits and gates to maintain your employees safety.

 *  Energy efficient commercial indoor and outdoor lighting options 

 *  Transformers

Making a Mississauga Business Bright

  * Improve productivity and brighten up your workplace by upgrading your lighting features

  * Save money with renewable energy upgrades to your business power grid

  * Improve safety at your Mississauga enterprise with a Nisko Systems Ltd. electrical safety check-up

  * Maximize the security of your business with well-designed security lighting system - a powerful crime deterrent

EMERGENCY ELECTRICAL REPAIR SERVICES 24hrs a day, 7 days a week. For free estimates from licensed and experienced staff CALL 1-877-331-6611

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